What we do

We offer a safe and supportive space, where people can come to escape the inhumane conditions of the camp and enjoy a warm meal.

Our work

We operate a free-restaurant that serves healthy and nutritious food to the most vulnerable members of the refugee community on Samos. Our restaurant caters to pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, disabled people, and those no longer eligible to receive food in camp; since opening in 2019, we have steadily increased our capacity to be capable of feeding 1,100 people daily.

Having been able to gradually increase the target groups that the restaurant caters for, we are now at a point where we are able to open up the restaurant to everyone who remains on the island.

Currently, many people have been transferred from the island of Samos, or left of their own accord, following a concerted effort by the EU and Greek government to clear the camps on the Aegean Islands. We are currently serving 500 meals a day which accounts for 58% of the population.

Our approach

On an island where refugees are regularly met with hostility, we welcome them with open arms.

Our team of 25 volunteers comes largely from the refugee community itself, accounting for 22 different nationalities. Our diversity is our strength, allowing our team of chefs to cook recipes from around the world, giving our guests a taste of home in an unfamiliar place.

We see ourselves as working with the refugee community, not for them. Our community volunteers are at the centre of everything we do, from planning meals to registering guests. In addition to this, we provide our volunteers with vocational training, helping them practice English, learn new skills and preparing them to continue their journey in Europe.