Project Armonia is a grassroots NGO supporting refugees and asylum seekers with nutrition, dignity and basic human rights.

What we do

We bring people together, reaching across cultural and linguistic barriers to provide a diverse array of delicious food.

Who we are

Our work is based on solidarity rather than charity: we choose to work with, not just for the people we intend to help.

Where we work

We support refugees in Greece. We are currently in the process of relocating our operations from Samos to Athens.

We aim to offer a safe and supportive space, where people are treated with the dignity they deserve and can enjoy a warm meal.

Where refugees are regularly met with hostility, we welcome them with open arms.

From our kitchen to yours

Our new cookbook brings together the recipes, cooking traditions and flavour profiles from our fantastically diverse team.

We’re delighted to be able to share these dishes with you, for they have been carefully selected from our team of volunteers to best represent their home countries that span the Central Asian Steppe Lands, the Middle East and Africa!

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be coming straight back to our project.

Our project in numbers

Meals served

With your support, we can ensure that refugees and asylum seekers have access to nutritious meals that offer a taste of home in a foreign place.